the new ocean engineers

Science & Practicality

Mocean has always been about digging (or diving) deeper, knowing what is going on and truly understanding the physics or human processes involved in either offshore projects or marine innovations. This has always enabled us to balance between the purely scientific research institutes and every-day (marine-) engineering companies.  In between is our natural habitat where we can offer our clients the best of both worlds;


First science, than practicality. Being physically accurate and embracing research topics within projects enables us to bring innovation projects to life. Projects where no precedence is available benefit from accurate numerical modelling capabilities combined with a long standing experience of the practicalities of offshore operations. This unique combination has lead to our significant contribution to a range of industry first developments such as TheOceanCleanUp, Tocardo Tidal Energy, Ampyx Airborne Wind Energy, SlowMill Wave Energy, Mocean Forecast, SeaspyderEcoTLP  and various other technologies. At the heart of marine innovations!


First Practicality, than science. Understanding what goes on in the project and what drivers are in place to ensure a successful operation. Not only physical but also human related, environmental or economical factors are to be considered. After finding the most suitable methodology together with our client we focus on defining accurately the physical limitations enabling swift yet safe operations and contributing to a successful project. In the operational phase we support by providing in-depth logistical support enabling the most efficient execution possible.

  1. Define operation Methodology
  2. Accurately assess the limitations of the project
  3. Logistic-economical optimisation


Practicality meets Science. Handling systems typically require a pragmatic and intuitive design for them to be succesful. Mooring systems however should be designed with the installability in mind but moreover should enable the survival of complex structures in complex and constantly changing environments. Defining the design loads on such systems requires a scientific approach where understanding of the available software tools used is essential.

Pragmatic yet intuitive design are relevant when

From concept analysis and intuitive design solutions to consulting, it’s our mission to make you feel confident in your engineering and operational phases.


Mocean is a fully independent marine engineering consultant since 2013 in Amsterdam. Work hard, play hard. Young and dedicated to getting the best out of each project. The atmosphere breathes open & calm on the workfloor as many are focussed on their task. Helping out, sharing knowledge and tips and tricks with each-other. A project rotation process ensures that the team sees highly variable job activities and at the same time enables a high degree of continuity for the company.

After work we aim to enjoy our free time. At least once a year, if work permits twice a year, we have a MAD event. Mocean Activity Day. Our latest MAD was a 3 day ski-trip in the alps where we indulged in skiing and the company of our colleagues and their spouses.


  • Nov 2017 – Mocean to introduct the MO4 system. Enabling up to 30% workability improvement by use f motion forecasting & motion monitoring
  • Nov 2017 – Spaces@Sea – Mocean, as part of a consirtium, has been Awarded a grant for the development of “Multi-body floating Islands” to be put to use throughout the world. Our involvement centres around defining the best possible business case and, obvisouly, the hydrodynamic performance.
  • Aug 2017 – Mocean has been awarded the complete installation analysis and marine engineering support for a Nuclear Power Plant
  • Aug 2017 – Mocean been granted the 6th scope for TheOceanCleanUp project.
  • Jul 2017 – Mocean selected by SlowMill as Lead Engineer for the  “Eilanden op eigen Kracht” project where we invesitgate if we can supply the dutch islands for 100% with wave power
  • Jun 2016 – ASME 2016 35th International Conference on Ocean, Offshore and Arctic Engineering OMAE 2016 Busan, Korea- OMAE2016-54968
  • Apr 2016 – Mocean to strengthen its position as green innovation accelerator as part of the subsidised Airborne Wind Energy Generation project Sea-Air-Farm with Ampyx Power, Marin & ECN
  • Jan 2016 – Mocean is a proud supporter of  ADAMAS Inloophuis – a place where children can find comfort after loosing one of their loved ones
  • Mocean on installation of WTG blades in high wind conditions
  • Jun 2015 Offshore Visie 2015-4 p.12 – Unsolved Puzzles
  • Apr 2015 Energy Boardroom 2015 – Mocean Offshore Aspiration
  • Jun 2014 Trouw – Marin Model Test 2014


The Mocean team


Thomas van Bruggen

Text Thijs
“For me personally, Mocean is an amazing professional development with a unique balance between being a generalist and a specialist. It’s truly inspiring and energizing.”

Mark Paalvast

“I go to work to bridge the gap between theory and practice while working on innovative solutions. We do this as a team. Everybody’s desk is a help desk.”
“There is both a professional and informal atmosphere. It’s the ideal mix to develop myself as an engineer, project manager and innovator.”
“To be part of such a young dynamic team, while bringing in a lot of experience makes my ‘Nestor’ role very exciting. It challenges me to come up with innovative solutions.”
“Regardless of our diverse backgrounds we all share the same curiosity in physics and technology. Besides, it's very rewarding to feel like ‘Gyro Gearloose' whenever a complex problem is solved in a clever, elegant way. It’s that feeling of eureka revelation on unexpected moments.”

Willem van Schoten

“Working at Mocean means never a dull moment. I'm really the ‘Jack of all trades’, from financial and project administration to sales and marketing.”

Patricia Wispelwey

“At Mocean we are constantly facing new challenges. Projects and responsibilities are very wide-ranging. This is a great place to work, where you can take the initiative, and at the same time, learn from your colleagues.”

Fernando Sanchez

Jelte Kymmell
“Mocean implies being challenged on different levels every day. Guiding our team through these challenges is incredibly fulfilling. Working with such a diverse and dedicated team is a dream come true for technical managers.”
Looking for Office Manager / PA

Office Manager & Adminitrative Support / Management assistant

Mocean ( is a young and dynamic organisation with a specialty in hydrodynamics and marine operations. We support a wide range of highly innovative projects focussed at getting renewable energy from the marine environment.   We are a team of 12 (relatively young) engineers that require someone to take care of us!

In general the activities are:

– General office management

– proactive approach!

– Active approach in pr and media/website related activities

– Administration of projects and time-keeping in exact-online

– Administration of vendor invoices and other administrative tasks in exact online

– Management Support with HR related matters – Support with travel arrangements

– Support in the creation of proposals for clients

– Invoicing from exact-online and chasing overdue payment

We would start on a 24hr contract which may be adjusted if more is required at a later stage.   Important qualities of the candidate:

– excellent people skills

– positive attitude

– experience with some level of business administration (preferably with Exact online)

– Experience in office management

The position is in Amsterdam (Sloterdijk) and ideally would start Jan or Feb 2018.

Remuneration shall be in line with industry standards eur 2750-3250 (depending on experience). Mocean offers above industry standard profit share.   If you feel this is to your interest please write us a letter/email ( in which you let us know why you think you are suitable for the position.   Thank you and looking forward to meeting you soon,

Jelte Kymmell,


Looking for

Job title

Experienced  .NET software Developer

Job Description

If you have passion for coding and technology and do you like solving complex, technological challenges? – Than, Mocean has the perfect function as a Software Developer. With your experience as a .NET developer, you can work in a technical environment and develop forecast & monitoring systems and Offshore Decision Support Systems. Our clients work in the offshore oil & gas and wind industry and you’ll be developing products that create high-end products and are at the same time “easy to use”. End-user acceptance is key for efficient and safe use of Moceans’ products.

Note that Mocean is an Naval & Marine engineering office and you will be the only dedicated software developer.

Purpose of the job

As a software engineer you’ll be working with engineers to develop products based on in-house prototype tools for the offshore industry.

Key tasks / responsibilities

Requirement analysis and specification based on in-house, specialized software tools and expert knowledge from specialists in the field of hydrodynamics, mooring & subsea and maritime.

Development, implementation and testing of software products.

Work in a technical environment with an R&D setting.

Mandatory skills

  • Full software development life-cycle experience in C# within a .NET environment
  • Being capable of working independently as developer
  • Web service development ASP.Net (MVC)
  • SQL Server
  • Feel for GUI design and UX
  • Experience of TCP/UDP communication protocols
  • English Language: spoken and written


Desirable skills required for this position

  • Experience with Matlab / Python / LaTex / Java
  • Experience or interest for Marine & Offshore industry


You like technical challenges and have a proactive attitude preferably a relevant degree. Have an eye for product development and client perception.

Mocean offers

  • Technical challenging projects
  • Ambitious environment with technical experts
Looking for 3D CAD Designer (0.6 – 0.8 FTE)


(Sr.) CAD Designer starting mid-end October

Function Description

  • Set-up 3D models of structural and mechanical systems in a marine environment
  • Prepare Procedure Drawings and General Arrangements to enable efficient offshore operations
  • Support the development of innovative equipment by making smart and intuitive designs
  • Preparing 3D sketches taking into account a range of functional requirements and estimating the required dimensions and geometrical arrangements
  • Prepare from 3D models 2D fabrication drawings, MTO and related documents


  • Min 3-5 years experience in similar role
  • In your cover letter present your experience with:
    • Offshore equipment Design
    • Subsea Equipment design
    • Other specific design Experience


  • Ability to set-up a 3D model of innovative equipment swiftly and logically taking into account a wide range of requirements
  • Perform basic structural and mechanical calculations
  • Proficiency with AutoCad 3D and INVENTOR is a pre


  • Being able to understand our client’s wishes, being able to see where and how we can best serve our clients.
  • You are eager to get to the bottom and make sure we thoroughly understand the environment and systems we are working on.
  • You seek for a position where initiative is stimulated and where your drive to be responsible for the end result is recognized.
  • Working for a relatively small company with a dedicated team may imply irregular working hrs and unconventional solutions, hopefully you will see this as a driver for your enthusiasm.


  • Our remuneration (salary + bonus) is above industry standards because we look for people above industry standards.


Please send your resume and cover letter (in English) to Please use your cover letter to indicate why you want to work with us and why you feel you can add to our team. We look forward to hearing from you.