MO4 Next Level Forecasting

MO4 provides high level motion forecasting enabling 20% workability increase.

How does it work
Forecasting 2.0

The MO4 service provides the ship bridge with periodic and unrivalled accurate forecasts of the ship motions, in addition to the metocean forecast. The service provides clear decision support for routing and weather sensitive operations. Easy to set up and more cost efficient than any available technology; innovation and workability optimization at your fingertips.

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The animated image below presents a series of roll motion forecasts showing how the weather approaches and changes over time.


The forecasting service is tailored to the specific needs and criteria of your operation. A number of applications which are currently available:


  • Helideck motions  –  support during landing & take off
  • Stinger motions  –  stinger tip clearance & stinger uplift risk
  • Survey operations  –  grid-route & data-quality optimization
  • Heavy lift  –  Cargo Sway & clearance loads, crane DAF &   side lead angles


  • Vessel motions in transit & operation
  • Choosing the optimal water ballast intake to minimize motions
  • Dynamic cargo & sea fastening loads
  • Motion compensated gangway workability & heading advice
  • Chute and cable motions for cable lay vessels


  • Increase confidence in critical situations
  • Optimize workability at minimal cost
  • Unrivalled accuracy by automatic use of detailed wave forecasts
  • Tailor made for your operation
  • The future of offshore shipping excellence


Ship motions are calculated based on detailed wave forecasts (2D spectra) for the vessels’ future waypoints. The calculation algorithm includes a motion sensor feedback loop, is state-of-the-art and has been the result of 3 years of accumulated engineering efforts. Relevant influences of cruising speed, bilge keels, anti-roll devices, free surface tanks and other aspects are meticulously incorporated.

A tailor made results report is sent to the vessel bridge at regular intervals and is made available for the office staff from our server 24/7.

In cooperation with siri marine we have developped a motion-measurement feedback system enabling enhance accuracy and performance.



For Groen shipping company the MOCEAN FORECAST TOOL has enabled the vessel crew to choose the most advantageous ballasting condition for their weather sensitive fuel transfer operations.

Remko of Groen Shipping: “This service truly changed our way of working. We feel more confident and see better workability as a result!”



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