Floating cities


Interested in floating cities?

The past 2 years we have been contributing to the Space@Sea project which is developing a standardised and cost-efficient modular island with low ecological impact. Funded by the EU through Horizon 2020 and working with partners such as MARIN (Maritime Research Institute Netherlands) and TU Delft, the project set sail on November 1st 2017. As part of the project Mocean managed and provided module designs, including a complete motion and structural analyses.

The challenges were among others to create large multibody models to test different inhouse designed structural connections between modules. To improve the models CFD analyses were used, this helped for example to clarify non-linear wave behaviour in-between modules. With the improved methodology it was possible to validate the dynamic strength capacity of the connectors between the modules.

We look forward applying everything we have learned to more civil innovations at sea.

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