The market has changed, the offshore renewables industry has technically matured and now has to face a future of cost reductions. Our answer to the changing world is an integrated approach to the preparation and execution of windfarm installation campaigns. It is about truly understanding the nature of repetitive operations in an offshore environment.

Using in-house tools, high-end engineering capacity and an abundance of experience we ensure a time and cost-optimized installation campaign while adhering to the most stringent quality requirements. We understand that a small improvement today can have a big impact in the future. Working with us means catching on to inefficiencies at an early stage, thereby increasing the overall project efficiency.



What we Do

Analyses & Design

We analyze behavior to support decisions. We look at your project plan, your vessel, your equipment and the rigging. After that, we make a complete assessment of the logistics and statistics of your project to identify the parts in your operation that can be improved. This will enable well-substantiated investments and will lead to optimized workability for your operation.

Our track record covers a wide range of analyses varying from conventional to highly innovative systems. Some of our day-to-day type of analyses:

  • Heavy lift analyses of foundations and turbines
  • Analyses of pile grippers and monopiles
  • General motion analysis of complex operations
  • Cable installation analyses

Mocean also offers to design support structures. We consider the complete operational cycle and ensure an overall vessel-equipment-workability optimization. This includes designs of safe and intuitive handling/lifting equipment.

Why work with


For more than seven years Mocean has been minimizing downtime and preventing costly surprises for leading offshore contractors. Our power lies in delivering high-quality reports that include 3D visualizations and animations, allowing for all stakeholders to have a proper understanding of the operations, thereby enabling you to have a swift project execution phase. Our goal is to make sure that you gain confidence in the planned operations.

We are your marine engineering partner. Our work does not stop at the reporting, we also support you with stakeholder management and ensure overall project understandability across your team.

  • We have a long track record of transport and installation analyses, from high voltage stations to wind turbine foundations and wind turbine blades.
  • We offer a straightforward approach to and a clear explanation of complex behavior such as vortex-induced vibrations and forward speed vessel motions.
  • We have supported the installation and maintenance of over 20 wind farms in the past years.

Let’s build offshore wind farms together!

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