Renewables 2.0

Renewables 2.0



Renewables 2.0 is a term we use to describe all the new developments in offshore renewable energy generation. This includes floating offshore wind, tidal energy, wave energy conversion and other forms of extracting energy from renewable sources in an offshore environment.

It is an industry that is faced with a high degree of technological challenges, while also struggling to get a key position in the future of energy generation. In order to get a key position in the energy industry investments are necessary. Our feasibility study can help a great deal in this context. We provide a report with a realistic view on the actual design requirements and the potential yield of your system.

We highly believe in these innovations as they can be key in our battle against climate change. It is our belief that innovations will always take place, regardless of our contribution. Our mission is to accelerate these innovations to stay ahead of our growing footprint.








What we Do

Analyses & Design

Our support will typically be in the feasibility or in the development phase.

Feasibility phase

In the feasibility phase will enable your project to take form in such a way that it can be presented to (future) stakeholders, investors and governmental institutions, thereby allowing you to take your project to the next level.

Development phase

In the development phase we will thoroughly analyse your system and give you a clear report on the structural requirements, a risk profile, the financial feasibility and provide you with an estimation of the yield of the installation.


Our track record covers a wide range of analyses varying from conventional to highly innovative systems. Some of our day-to-day type of analyses and designs:

  • Early phase: concept design and feasibility analyses, considering hydrodynamic structural interaction and power take-off analyses.
  • Development phase: engineering reports and design drawings that allow your system to be constructed.

Why work with


Teaming up with Mocean results in a good grip on the physical interactions relevant for your project, understanding the limitations of your projects and enabling you to identify the benefits of your design decisions.

We are widely known for supporting new developments. Our flexible attitude and creative, yet concise engineering methods, allow for short engineering cycles in the early phase of your project. Working on non-existent technologies has always been our ambition and is our daily activity. Our power lies in delivering high quality reports that include 3D visualisations and animations, allowing for all stakeholders to have a proper understanding of your innovation.

We are a relatively small independent contractor, which makes us flexible and highly moveable. We are therefore able to move at your fast pace and are in a unique position to accelerate your developments. 

Let’s innovate together!

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