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Next Level Forecasting

MO4 is Mocean’s standard DNV certified decision support software with modules for cable laying, jack-up platform installation, personnel transfer and more. All tailor-made for our client’s vessels. Regarding MO4 we keep a positive attitude towards new developments, we embrace suggestions from our clients and like to spar with them to improve and create tailor-made support.

MO4 is a highly versatile mature product. For optimal use, a vessel-specific hydrodynamic database is required. Furthermore, operation-specific limitations may apply. At Mocean, we are experienced in creating this input data to enable users to make the most of our sister company’s product.

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This software calculates new hydrodynamic coefficients based on an extensive hydrodynamic database calculated by Mocean. The user can freely define inputs such as draft, trim, water depth, VCG and radii of inertia. The calculated output can be used for further calculations in Orcaflex for example.

Additional features are:

  • Load RAOs and QTF
  • Forward speed
  • Anti-roll tanks.



There is a saying: ‘A good engineer is a lazy engineer’. The good kind of lazy that is. What do you do if a client asks you to provide the optimum route for a 130km long export cable? You write an algorithm that does it for you!

At Mocean, we developed an in-house tool to design, optimize and evaluate cable routes. The use of optimization algorithms removes tedious, time-consuming aspects of cable route design. Our methods are adjustable to a wide range of survey inputs and installation limits. Course bathymetries are used to provide a route for a detailed survey campaign. While fine bathymetries, magnetometer data, geotechnical information and more are used for final cable route design and workability analysis.

Client Specific

As two projects are never the same, we develop specific software for each project. This can be software to:

  • Determine the workability based on historical software
  • Cable routing
  • RAO creation
  • Model optimization
  • And much more

The main driver to create client-specific software is to make the offshore operation more efficient and insightful for the client.


Tailor-made decision support systems enable Mocean to significantly reduce the performance gap in your operation. Our decision support often uses detailed weather forecasts, analyzing your operation for the unique environment expected.

Decision support can vary from a full software package like MO4 to the use of excel sheets that will give you the critical information you need for your unique situation.

Why use our decision support system? 

  • Tailor-made digital support
  • Decrease your performance gap
  • Find the critical information you need for unique situations
  • Interactive GUI or Excel instead of long reports
  • Create confidence
  • Convince your client and the marine warranty surveyor