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the new ocean engineers

A specialised marine engineering consultant with over 100 man-years of experience in conventional systems and an industry driver for the development of marine innovations. We apply solid numerical methods to a practical approach to enable fully optimised projects.

"We believe in a future where offshore operations are much more efficient!"


the ocean
is not a box

We think out of the Box, into the Ocean. Breaking free from uncertainty driven conservatism to discover a vast pool of unlimited possibilities: The Ocean 2.0. By mastering physics, performing in-depth analyses and developing advanced offshore technology we make ocean engineering more efficient. And we create new opportunities to explore. With solid, pragmatic, but elegant and intuitive solutions we empower our clients and give them the confidence to undertake their offshore projects.

MOCEAN. The new ocean engineers.


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engineering 2.0

With over 100 manyears of experience we offer high end engineering services for conventional and innovative projects. At least 33% of our activities is related to INDUSTRY FIRST developments which is something that we are proud of and intend to continue into the far future.

Working in the traditional energy sector (oil & gas) as well as the mature renewables (windparks) and more innovative renewables (TEC, WEC, etc)  enables us to cover all the activities relevant for the design and planning of offshore energy production. Our core competences are Mooring Design, Heavy Lift Analyses, Transport & Installation studies, Jack-up operations, Personnel Transfer solutions and general analysis of complex offshore systems.

MOTION FORECASTING High tech service available for all

Mocean has recently launched a new service; motion forecasting. Easy to use and allows for significant increase in workability at a minimal cost. Read more

Mocean Updates

Mocean to have installed the first series of MO4 systems

Mocean Offshore introduces MO4. Motion prediction and monitoring enables workability improvements of up to 30%. For more info see www.mo4.online


Space@Sea sets out to revolutionise floating islands

Space@Sea sets out to revolutionise floating islands