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At Mocean we love to use our innovative and creative mind. This happens a lot when working on civil or mining operations.

We look into a wide range of civil projects, such as projects related to excessive plastic in the ocean, the need for floating solutions (for either airports or entire cities) or supporting projects where infrastructure meets offshore conditions (for example bridges and tunnels).

Our mining activities mainly focus on deep sea mining. We support companies in the exploitation of minerals at excessive depths.





What we Do

Analyses & Design

We look further than just the science part. In addition to looking at the physical elements we also take into account human related, environmental and economical factors. We will not just be your engineering partner but will also be an active partner in identifying the project objectives and risks and will help you with overseeing the implications on the multiple stakeholders. After finding the most suitable methodology we focus on accurately defining the physical limitations enabling swift yet safe operations. In the operational phase we support by providing in-depth logistical support enabling the most efficient execution possible.

Our track record covers a wide range of analyses varying from conventional to highly innovative systems. Some of our day-to-day type of analyses:

  • Marine engineering analysis and simulations that identify feasibility.
  • Design loads and design drawings that allow for a clear identification of the system limits and performance.




For more than seven years Mocean has been minimising downtime and preventing costly surprises for leading offshore contractors. Our power lies in delivering high quality reports that include 3D visualisations and animations, allowing for all stakeholders to have a proper understanding of the operations, thereby enabling you to have a swift project execution phase. Our goal is to make sure that you gain confidence in the planned operations.

We are your marine engineering partner. Our work does not stop at the reporting, we also support you with stakeholder management and ensure overall project understandability across your team.

We have a wide experience in dealing with civil projects as well as the extreme challenges facing deep sea mining. Specific experience:

  • We have assisted in the development of an offshore floating port.
  • We did a feasibility study for the Ocean Cleanup.
  • We developed various structures and methods te enable deep sea mining activity at over 5000 metres depth.

We are excited to be at the forefront of these new innovations and explorations.

Let’s innovate together!

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